Recent Work

Science & Health
Invasion of the Stinkbugs (Telegraph, 3-30-20)
Troubled waters: experts build model to solve flooding (Telegraph, 3-9-20) 
Brookdale has a boxing gym, results may astound you (Telegraph, 8-2-18)
Brain clinic helps with depression, self-control (Telegraph 7-2-18)

Nature & Gardening
Ecologist plans to reduce turf grass in city (Telegraph, 5-10-20)
Pesticides to blame for bee die-off (Telegraph, 10-29-18)
Enchanted farm and garden pique curiosity of many (Telegraph 9-3-17)
“Party on the Prairie” celebrates natural prairie land (Telegraph, 6-2-17)
Shrewd fruit tree choices can yield ample harvests (KC Star, 5-2-17)
Powell Gardens’ ‘rock star’ heads north, plants in hand (KC Star, 3-24-17)
Birds and Bees and Native Trees (KC Star, 4-3-16)
A Final Return to Nature (American Forests, Fall 2015)
The Secret to Growing Organic Summer Squash (Midwest Living, 2015)
Flight to Plight: Imperiled Monarchs (American Forests, Spring 2014)
Design from a Distance (Lawn & Landscape, July 2014)
Little Orchards Everywhere (Edible Kansas City, Fall 2013)
Jolly Ol’ Junk (KC Star, 8-18-13)
A Low-Water Way (KC Star, 9-16-12)
Make a Moonlight Garden (KC Star, 7-22-12)

Travel, Culture & History
Pet Sitters in Paradise (The Bark, Fall 2019)
Love Locked (Missouri Life, February-March 2018)
South KC resident recalls Rosie the Riveter job (Telegraph, 8-31-18)
Saddle & Sirloin Club is world class (Telegraph, 9-2-17)
KC’s Bustling Underworld (435 Magazine, July 2014)
Pieces of KC’s Past (KC Star Magazine, 4-7-13)
Pay Dirt! Bits of History (KC Star Magazine, 8-5-12)
Their Music Takes You Back (The Best Times, December 2012)

Food & Decor
Holiday Decoration Creates New Tradition (Telegraph, 12-16-19)
Company makes used office furniture trendy (Telegraph, 4-22-19)
Center culinary team designs project that wins grant (Telegraph, 11-22-17)
Rising chef opens Mexican seafood restaurant (Telegraph, 5-12-17)
Unwanted Urban Timber Finds a New Home (KC Star, 4-10-16)
A Winter Wassail (Midwest Living, January 2015)
Personalized lockers are all the rage in middle schools (KC Star, 8-31-14)
Big Ideas in Tight Spaces (KC Star, 3-10-13)
The Evolution of Fire (KC Star, 6-17-12)
Under a Harvest Moon (Powell Gardens, 9-12-12)